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About Sports Betting In Rhode Island

Is Rhode Island Sports Betting Legal?

There are no state laws in Rhode Island that prohibit sports betting or gambling online. There are laws that make it illegal to operate an unlicensed gambling business however, which includes sportsbooks both online and offline. Keeping this in mind, it is imperative for you to only consider betting at legally licensed and regulated gambling destinations, both for your own safety and to remain on the legal side of the gambling arena. There are two federal laws which together effectively ban US based sports betting both online and offline, with a few land based exceptions, including Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana. They are the Federal Wire Act and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

Neither of these federal gambling laws prohibit US bettors, including residents of Rhode Island, from participating in sports betting at licensed and regulated gambling businesses. This would include brick and mortar sportsbooks located in those states exempted from PASPA, or offshore sportsbooks which are licensed and regulated outside of the United States, such as the brands recommended in this guide. Rhode Island players can engage in sports betting at these types of Internet gambling sites without breaking the law. You can review the state's laws and statutes on the Rhode Island state legislature website.

What is the Legal Gambling Age in Rhode Island?

The legal gambling age imposed in Rhode Island is 18. This is rather inconsequential as the state has very few land based gambling destinations. It does also apply to residents who engage in offshore sports betting as well. Anybody in Rhode Island who participates in any type of gambling before their 18th birthday is breaking the law and subject to prosecution by law enforcement. We strongly suggest you do not consider violating this law.

Will Rhode Island Offer State Based Sports Betting in the Near Future?

While anything is possible, we do not feel it is very likely that you will see state based sports betting either online or offline in Rhode Island anytime soon. For that to occur, US federal laws would have to be modified, and that is a tough accomplishment. Also, there are some very powerful opponents to the expansion of the sports betting industry in the Untied States. Some of those opponents include the NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA, as well as billionaire Sheldon Adelson who is spending millions in an effort to limit gambling in the US. These parties have endless financial resources at their disposal and will not be easy to defeat on any level. They recently succeeded in stopping the state of New Jersey from providing sports betting services to their residents. The sports leagues joined together in a lawsuit against the state, using the PASPA law as their grounds. The courts sided with them on this, indicating that the laws of the land will be enforced concerning the expansion of sports betting in the US.

Betting Trends and Info for Rhode Island Sports Betting Enthusiasts

Rhode Island doesn't have any professional sports teams or collegiate teams that can compete, but they do love their football. Being part of the New England area, most Rhode Islanders root hard for the New England Patriots. Dominating the league since the early 2000s, many people want to know why the Patriots are so solid. Here are just a few of the many reasons that the Pats seem to be unstoppable.

Why are the Patriots So Unstoppable?

1: Consistency in Intelligence

Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson told New England coach Bill Belichick long ago that intelligence as one of the most important factors when dealing with players. If ever you watch a game intro when the Pats play, pay attention. Other teams have athletes from community college, low-rent universities, and walk-ons and high-school players. Not Bill. The Pats only have athletes from prestigious colleges, and this shows that Belichick looks to hire players who can prove they're intelligent. He wants high-IQ players playing on his team, and this ensures they don't get stupid penalties, that they stay on assignment, can learn schemes, follow instructions, etc. This has helped him build a dynasty.

2: Don't Hate on Brady

Although some still do believe that, given the teams the Pats have had, Peyton Manning is still the better QB, Tom Brady will go down in history as a top-3 QB to ever play. And he's certainly top-2 in the NFL today, only behind Aaron Rodgers. Tom is as cool under pressure as anyone, and he can make every throw on the field. Even with receivers that other teams cut, he can turn them into winners and has done so on many occasions. Brady and his consistency is a huge reason the Pats dominate.

3: Their Division Helps

Playing in a weak division isn't the only reason the Pats are good, but it does help tremendously. Not only do they typically pick up 5 to 6 wins in the AFC East, but being the top dog in one's division for so many years emboldens a team to protect that proverbial crown. The Patriots end up playing other teams with mountains of confidence fresh off of crushing teams like the Dolphins, Bills and Jets. This is a psyche thing more than a numbers thing, but any football player will attest to the fact that building confidence helps tremendously in future games.

Are the Pats a Safe Bet?

11-8 last year ATS (against the spread), we can foresee the Pats being better this year. One reason is that oddsmakers aren't going to list them so high as favorites because their defense is a lot worse. However, their offense is just as good, so they'll be able to pull away in games where they're only minor favorites, and catch up anytime they're dogs. The Patriots are a very safe bet if you want to follow a team on the spreads.